Consilience Conference

Evolution in Biology, the Human Sciences and the Humanities

Poster Winners!

  • Best Overall- Mathias Clasen
  • Best in Biology- Neil Buttery
  • Best in Social Science- Emily Newton
  • Best in Humanities- Michael Hernandez
  • Best Poster That Involves Primary Research in At Least Two of the Three Areas- Mathias Clasen
  • Best New Investigator- Jason Collins

About the Conference

Speakers at this conference are all top researchers in biology, the social sciences, or the humanities. All the speakers know the level of consensus in their fields and can recognize major changes taking place, identify the major unsolved problems, and point toward future directions of research. They can all also discuss relations among at least two of the three areas (biology, the social sciences, and the humanities).

The conference features morning and afternoon sessions for each of three days. Each session contains one speaker from biology, one from the human sciences, and one from the humanities. We’re aimed at maximizing the interaction among the three areas.

Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are invited to submit poster proposals.

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