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Detailed Review about video conference equipment

Breakthrough in technologies has always been shaping and changing the world. The mode of communication in recent years has been rapidly progressing especially since technology can enable people to meet face to face without being in the same room or even country. Instead of flying miles to meet delegates, or using email or telephone, video conference equipment is efficient where businesses are of an international scale or group of people want to meet face to face to discuss or close deals or come to agreements about issues. The video conference tools save times and money, strengthens partnerships and instills confidence, also latest innovation in video conference equipment’s are further replacing the old systems thereby enabling the business to have more options to choose the right equipment according to the need.

Applications fields of Video conference equipment are

  • Enterprise
  • Energy
  • Education
  • Health
  • Defense
  • Traffic
  • Finance
  • Public security
  • Internet

Basic elements of Video conference equipment

Hardware requirements

Several different brands of video conference equipment & Copiers we can use for conferencing which means the specifics might vary in size and shape but you will always need some basic elements to remain the same.

  1. Camera – usually the high definition camera with advanced features in zoom, tilt, pan, are preferred.
  2. Video Display with high definition resolution allows the delegates to see each other clearly.
  3. The main element of the video conference, the unit that controls the all the aspects of the video conference is the CODEC (also called Coder-decoder), the heart of the system. This unit is responsible for transmitting the data via IP network.
  4. Microphone – these will capture the video and the audio to be sent to the receiving location.
  5. Speakers – The Plasma system has speakers if not larger public speakers could be set up.

Whatever setups of the room, most video conference equipment’s are controlled by one main touch screen panel, other systems might use a remote control instead.

Basic Software requirements

  1. Video conferencing software applications helps to relay information by integrating with cameras, microphones and speakers
  2. High-speed Internet for seamless conferencing sessions

Now we have the essential elements of the successful video conference equipment set up.

For a successful memorable conference few things to consider are

  • Conduct a test call with a location that you have not dialed before.
  • Unmute the microphones, red light for a mute and green light for life
  • Make sure the volume is turned up
  • For visibility make sure sun is not reflecting off the screen, the blinds of the shades are drawn and room lights are set to the right level.

Choices are plenty

Innovative technology makes communication beyond distance, there are already several key players in the market specialized in the video conference equipment technology, future-oriented cloud architecture is already on the verge of transforming the visual communication with diversified endpoints and applications .With a lot of innovation and acronyms flooding the market it is therefore best advised to evaluate to choose the right cost-effective  video conference  equipment depending upon particular need.